Body Health Index and diet/workout goal calculator

This calculator helps you determine your health goals for diet and workout.
Both body fat and body strenght are important goals that should be considered and balanced appropriately for your age, gender and body type.
The calculator assumes you work out and that the big three (squat,dead lift and bench press) are part of your workout routine. to avoid the effect of a single bad or good day you should try to use moving average stats if you know how these work. For lifting stats, using the moving average your three rep maximum is sugested, though if your body strength index already aproaches zero at the start of your usage of this calculator, you might wish to shift to using your two rep maximum or even your one rep maximum.

NOTE: For your weight and power stats you can use either kg, lbs or stones as long as you don't use mixed units.

Body fat percentage

This calculator is currently in beta. Although I believe it to be accurate, the calculator and the underlying formulas were build based on information on sport performance, healthy body fat levels and risk data from multiple independend sources that might or might not be 100% authorative. I believe the current advise for the 5% milestone and the use of this 5% milestone advise in a control feedback setting to besolid. Lacking any formal training in nutrition and sports caunceling myself, and not having been endorced as a tool by a qualified nutrition or sports caunselor, I currently obliged to stress that you should discuss the advise given by this calculator with someone who has formal qualifications in one of these fields. I am currently looking for qualified individuals to give me feedback on this calculator and if possible allow me to list their endorsement of the advise given by this calculator as responsible. If you are an RD or RST, please test this calculator with a range of inputs and let me know what you think. My twitter handle is @EngineerDiet. Feedback or endorcements are highly appreciated.